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It is our great pleasure to bring you this second edition of The Poetorialist, the online journal of the MWW community. This issue features three British and three American writers whose work we have come to admire.

We believe their personal stories will be a source of inspiration, and their writing will touch your soul. Poetorialist December 2011


The Wizards
Featured Poets

Anthony DesmondAnthony Desmond
Anthony Desmond is a twenty year Detroit born poet now living in Center Line, Michigan. Desmond describes his work as "eccentric, abstract.” He is intrigued by pain & sadness, and he explores these emotions across a wide array of subject areas; politics, death, religion, the struggles of everyday life... More

Nicky MarinkovicNicky Marinkovic
Nicky Marinkovic is a writer from Leeds, England. Her interest in poetry dates from childhood, when her grandad would entertain the family with his humorous ditties. Her writings are deeply introspective and inspirational, oft-times drawing from some of her most painful life experiences. In November 2010, Nicky was ... More

Ben SzwediukBen Szwediuk
Ben Szwediuk’s connection to poetry began at an early age when his parents enrolled him in speech classes in his native Wales. During this period he developed a fondness for the works of Spike Milligan and Edgar Allan Poe. Ben's affinity for poetry waned somewhat in his teens years until he developed an interest in... More

Nota Bene

John Alwyine MoselyPoetry from our pages
A Bristol, England based writer, John Alwyine-Mosely started composing poetry three years ago when he undertook a creative writing diploma with Britain’s famed Open University. His poetry is rich in texture and covers an impressive array of genres. He is known for transposing his written works onto stunning visual treatments, a pairing that creates a powerful synergy... More

McCollonough CeiliMore Poetry from our pages
McCollonough Ceili has been creating poems and stories for as long as she can remember. Her first book of poems, published in October of 2011, was five years in the making. Ceili is a wonderfully supportive writer who is quick to provide encouragement to her... More

Deanna LangellierThe Poet Completionist
Deanna Langellier grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she picked lilacs on the way to school and studied music and acting. A flair for comedy led to standup gigs at clubs in Minneapolis and L.A. As a writer, Deanna is interested in what the story is really about. She is inspired by William Shakespeare, Rainer Maria Rilke... More

What is Inspiration?Our new book

We are proud to bring you our very first e-Book called What is Inspiration? This anthology is a compilation of poetry from the writers whose work grace our pages. We are indebted to them for their generosity in allowing us to publish their writings. The book is available at Amazon Kindle. Click here to view.

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