Freaky Freaky Bad Bxtch

by Lieah Renee'

Freaky Freaky Bad Bxtch?
yeah, i know one...
Bad as she wanna be, Freaky
yeah, she can be...

Classy & Sassy but that Bxtch still nasty!
She stay on point, cuz she a Bad..
The things she do to make her money,
that shit sad
i rather be just me, than a stupid ass dime piece
she kno she a freak!
Thats what she wanna be...

INDEPENDENT, that what she wanna be
too bad she stay on the streets, cuz yeah...
she soooo nasty

You Freay Freaky Bad Bitch,
Get off yo damn back!
see thats ya problem
Yuon know howda act!

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