Gangsta Poems

Our collection of Gangsta Poems reflects the full experience of the thug  life.  Growin’ up in the hood, out on the street.  Actin’ tuff, impressing yo boo.  Strugglin’ to rise above the fray.  

Maybe yo ain’t had it easy, but you gonna change all that, make yo mark in the world.  Still, you’ll never forget where you came from, where it all began.  Life was hard, but the lessons you learned made you stronger, and you will always carry them with you.

Let our poems help you express your dreams.

New Day

Things ain’t like they once wuz.
Early on – just me and my crew.
Hustling on the streets
Cause we had wives
And little mouths to feed.

Today, kids on the corner
Just trying to be cool.
Not really knowing
What it’s all about.

I have no pity.
Their young ages
Don’t blind me
To paying the bills.
Mommas take your babies in
Or the streets will be redder.
Nobody better mess with my cheddar.

Street School

Fifteen when
I dropped out of school.
Wasn’t learning a
Damn thing to
Keep the lights on.

And Moms she
Deserved better
For Giving Me Life.
What I owe her ?
No more strife.

I’m learning more on the streets
It ain’t about being first;
Just not about cocking last.

Moms sits and watch
Her plasma TV all day long.
When she want me,
She just pick up her phone.
I come by and
Bring her the Benjamins.

A Street Conversation

Yesterday on the corner
I was speaking to my bro.
Laughing and talking
How far we’d both go.

Now I’m standing
Across from his house
Watching the police
Look for clues.

It was such a simple fight
Over a few dollar.
Never thought
For a twenty I’d
Take his life.

So listen young ones
Get on to school.
Living on the streets
Is for drunk,
Friendless fools like me.

What It’s Like Now

They try to get me to join
Even though I keep
Beggin to be left alone.
I got a lot on my plate
With Dad being gone;
It’s just Me, Mom,
and Lil Sis all on our own.

Once I wanted to walk
The streets,
But now I just wanna
Keep shoes on sis’ feet

My steady paycheck
Keeps us in lights and food.
We don’t have a lot,
But it’s all good.
My friends running from the PoPo;
I run to get to school on time.

I Want Out

They lure you in
With promises
Of Family and Loyalty.
They don’t tell you about
What you lose –
Your real family,
Your self Respect,
Maybe even your life.
I want out!
But now that I’m in
They tell me
I’m down for life.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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