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You a thug smitten by cupid’s arrow? Perhaps you head over heels ova a gangsta. Gangster Love Poems from the writers at My Word Wizard know just how you feel with this totally dope collection all about love in the hood.

It ain’t easy being involved with yo boo when you livin’ the thug life. The street pulls you one way, and you boo pulls you the other.  What’s a thug to do!!  And for you shorties, we know it ain’t no picnic trying to get that homie to settle down. But you determined to do just that!

We hope you will enjoy these modern day Romeo and Juliet verses written with the thug and his boo in mind.

I'm Feelin You, Gurl

I’m feelin you, Gurl.
I’s for real.
Want you to be my shortie
That’s the deal.
I may not talk all
Fancy and shit.
But a real man
Ain’t gotta talk
About what he’s got.
You just need to know
I’m feelin you a whole lot.

What You Say

You doing what you say
Has to be done,
But my life with you,
Is no longer fun.
You hanging
With your homies everyday;
I’m sitting home with the baby
Thinking of the words to pray…
As the bullets fly
Through the windows of our home.
You’re no longer a little boy
Just playing a game.
This gangster shit
Is getting so damn lame!

My Man's Probation

My man John
Knew he’d get probation
On his first offense.
His damn ass
Never had no sense.
What was he thinking
When he shot
An undercover cop
In a parking lot
Over the use
Of a f++++++ handicapped spot.
Now John is sitting in a cell
Fighting for his life;
His cellmate stabbed
Him in the heart
With a homemade knife.

No Ice

This girl don’t need
A fancy car.
Don’t need the ice
That selling dope can bring.
All I want is a man
Who is feeling me, aight?
Someone to love me
And hold me tight.
If you are digging
What I’ve got to say
I’m not one
You have to pay
To play.

Yo Momma Don't Text

Who you think you playin?
Ain’t no fool.
Before I met you,
I ruled in school.
Yo momma don’t text;
She ain’t even got
A cell phone;
Yo ass out creepin
While I sit home alone.
You ain’t playin me,
But you just been played.
Keeping looking for yo stash
I just got paid,
And I’m Out.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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