Gangster Love

When yo gangster heart is achin', and you hurtin' bad, our Gangster Sad Love Poems will help you express just what yo feelin’ in a very deep, homie way. When the pain is too much to take, this collection of verse will help ease ya through.

All y'all have been there. Yo boo got ya down. You been hurt. Maybe you the one doin' the hurtin'. That's right playa and playettes, it's a two way street!

Sometimes yo just need to share your experiences with others in order to get things off ya chest. It's good to clear yo mind and get yourself out of a rut.

The urban writers at My Word Wizard know just how yo feel, because they've been there too. So kick back and take in some of these precious Gangster Sad Love Poems that speak to the pain of amour.


What you heard was true
I almost stepped out on you.
Then I remembered your touch
And your Halle Berry smile,
Those juicy, big lips
That make my heart go wild.
But I didn’t stray.
I always choose Cristal over boxed wine, anyday.
Boo, I’m sorry;
Just one more chance.
Next time I step, it’ll be our wedding dance.


The day you walked out of my life -
A day I’ll won’t forget -
That feelin when u wish you hadn’t done,
Something called regret.
Don’t even know why I started that fight
All I wanted was to make love all night.
What we had was real and true
They’ll never be one as good as you.
I’ll trade in my homies and the flat screen TV
Baby please, just come home to me

For You

The burn from the black coal was oh so hot -
A deep wound in my flesh
From where the gun was shot.
My soul was murdered
That day you went away;
Didn’t even think twice
When I begged you to stay.
Now I got this icebox
Where my heart used to be;
It’s at the point
I don’t give a damn about me.
Real men don’t cry;
That’s not true.
My heart’s gonna cry
until I die for you.

8X Sorrow

Eight- the count of times I cursed you out.
Seven- the fights where we’d scream and shout.
Six- how often I cheated on you.
Five- the times my fists made you blue.
Four- figure the nights I was gone.
Three-how many days I said, “leave me alone.”
Two-Times in 8 months I helped pay the rent.
One-most likely the days you were content.
Looking at what I put you through;
No wonder you split without a clue.
It’s jacked up to see how the bad outweighed the good,
But that’s what happens putting your girl second to the hood.


I love and miss you unto this very day
And to the ones that took you,
Damn, imma make them pay
It had nothing to do with you.
Shouldn’t have never touched your soul -
Because of them my blood pumps cold.
Still now I’m feelin’ it’s my fault
Because I thought they was bluffin –
Whoever would have thought?
Should’ve know better cause I know what they say
This game aint something just for play.
I wont shed a tear, can’t even cry.
Imma be with you soon cause I aint scared to die


I can hear the empty hollows inside.
It’s the place where my heart used to reside
I gave all I could;
I did all I could do
But it seems my all wasn’t enough for you.
Shoulda listened to my boys – “don’t trust that chick”
Blinded by love I couldn’t see you being slick.
Now I’m sittin in this empty house;
Stupid me, thinking you coulda been my spouse!
It’s all good cause I can focus on me;
My heart is where it needs to be.
My thinking is clear, and my thoughts are leveled.
Lesson learned - never sell your soul to the devil.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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