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Teenage love can be hard, especially when everybody know yourbusiness.Our Ghetto Love Poems for Teens show that love can take you to some pretty dope places. But you ain't all about the bling. You've got dreams. You've got substance. And this shows in the way you handle love.

Relationships aren't easy at any age. When you mix in school, a job, hassles at home, things get pretty complicated. The writers at My Word Wizard know what you are going through, because they've experienced all the feelings and challenges that you now face. So take a deep breath and try to enjoy things for a while.
We think you'll find the perfect way to express your thoughts with our wonderful collection of urban poetry.

Do You Feel the Same?

They say I’m 2 young
And try and tell me how I feel.
My heart is in your hands, boy;
For me, this is the deal.
But peeps talk,
And they say you play games.
Hit me up
And tell me if you feel the same

I'm Afraid

I have my eyes on you every day,
But I’m totally frozen by fear
There’s the thought and the chance
That you don’t want me near.
You stroll down the school halls;
With your head up high.
Your boys surround you every step
Like they’re waiting to watch you fly.
One day I’ll get the courage to step up to you
Hopefully it will happen
Before this year is through.

When You're Around

You’re my boo and my best friend,
My homie lover to the end.
You tell me your secrets,
And I tell you mine.
I’m not sure when these feelings began
Perhaps it was our mamas
Letting us hang in the same playpen.
All I know is that when you’re around
I see no one else, and I don’t hear no sound.
You make me blind,
But I’m happy to not see.
There’s nobody else but you for me.

In Time

The things people say,
We can’t control.
Only dumb cats make that a goal.
They call this puppy love, but I swear they crazy
Cause fact of the matter,
I see you havin my baby.
Now enough about that
Cause right now we still young
Got me feelin like T-pain, Baby girl I’m sprung.
But when we old enough, no doubt, just listen
I promise I’m gonna make that ring finger glisten.

What I Feel

What’s the old saying?
If loving you is wrong,
Then I don’t wanna be right.
I don’t give a damn all me and my parents do is fuss and fight.
They say you’re no good; they say you’re trouble
But I’mma ride out with you, no thoughts on the double.
See you’re the ruler that keeps me straight.
I’m the cap, and you’re my first mate.
I don’t care what they say
I’mma gonna love ya anyway

The First Time

Girl, I can’t forget the time or place,
The way I felt when I first saw your face.
My boys kept walking;
I stood still.
They called me out,
But it was time to chill.
Something about you made me see
The big, black hole inside of me.
I knew right then I wanted you to be mine.
Forget about the bell; screw the time.
The principal wasn’t feelin me that day
But at least with you, I got my say.
I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Poetry by Natasha Niemi

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