by La Nena Traviesa
(Chicago, Illinois)

Sittin blowin back trees
Letting the high take over
The train of thought leaves
Wondering where it going to lead me
Here we go
highs and lows
Trips and falls
Mistakes I cnt make up
And the ones im still paying for
Hard to stay with out reagrets
While suppressed by my own nd surronding negativity
doing things with bad intentions
In my world secrets arent aloud to be mentioned
So to whom can I open up and speak
Trying to grow as a person
But how can I when ive lost myself
wanting to achieve but given advice on the medeocer
way of reaching of gaining things...
have I learnd nothing frm the lessons tht life has tought?
like walkin on a tredmill.thinkingng im maken progress
Thinking ive cum so far
but still stuck in the same
place in the same spot
wondering to where my life may lead to
where it's been going
Where do I go frm here
Whts the next step
Im Afraid to take it
If I f--k up can I handle the consiquences
do i withhold the hidden ponential undetnieth
If I dnt see it in myself
how can anybody se els?
trying to think positively for a moment
Wht if I succeed?
wht can I acheave ?
Im under estamating wht im capable of?
Chain of houghts gone
A disyraction kills the buzz n the high leaves
Im bck where I started I guess its true
A sleeping man only sees dreams...

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