I dont care

by Moni

I don't care if you're a gangsta or a thug all I care for is unconditional love someone to treat me with respect never reject my hugs or my kisses u can be my gangsta and I can be ur Misses we can hold it down like someone granted our wishes.. baby lemme sprinkle some magic in the air can u hold me close so I can know that u care.. I want to kiss u slow n whisper in your ear.. take a look around tell me exactly what u hear its the beauty of my heart beating for u.. I ain't gonna lie I'm so in love with you I know we have our ups and downs i'ts life no one is perfect that's why god created you.. he created every men in this world to find love and stay true.. he didn't created men to act dumb or act a fool... see there's a time and a place for that.. but right now your time is meant to be spent with me not hold it down or hustle or get shot up in these streets.. I don't care about that nonsense I only care about you and me.. baby can I ask u something else where are your homies now.. yup that's right see I can only give you that good love that you been trying to find for along time:-)

I dont care if your a gangsta or a thug I just want to give u love..

Written by Moni fimbres

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