I Don't Wanna Be

by Lizbeth Rivas
(Junction City, Oregon, United States)

My liner is thick and it curls at the end.
My lips ain't big so I draw them in.
My eyebrows ain't tattooed but I do the same.
Wear tight jeans, nice cortez , big hoops,
heavy make up, dark and bright colors.
Don't wear red not my thing
I don’t wanna be no chola
Don’t wanna live life by the pistol
You call me a wanna be?
I don’t wanna be anything but me.
I dress how the f-ck I wanna dress.
I where what the f-ck I wanna wear.
I do what the f-ck I wanna do.
Whether you like my style or not
I am who I am so don’t be coming to me
saying ima wanna be.
I don’t wanna be a thug lady
neither a gangsta, bitch!
I am who I am and I don’t wanna be shyt.

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