I Remember

by Koraima Melgoza
(Yankton, SD)

Ya you asked me last night if i remembered the night you told me to join your gang.
my answer was ya i do. Then you asked me if i remembered the day i meet you the answer was ya i do. I remember everything that once went into my life i remember the night that i joined this gang the night that i got jumped just to be with you and your homies i remember the first time i ever smoked i was only 10 going to be 11 i was just a little innocent girl trying to fit in with the people older then me but what i did the night it was wrong because i joined a gang and now i know that even if i am death i wont be able to get out of it i wont be able to live my life right now i have to sit and wait for the homie to call and tell me we have a fight or to tell me that i have to go and get some dope.. What i hate the most is the the battles we had had were bad. My brother was killed i remember he took a bullet for me i remember that he was death in one second i remember that i could of change my past i could of change that but i decided not to be a good girl i decided to be a criminal. sometimes i wake up and wonder if i will never wake up home if i will wake up in the cemetery.. I remember that i will never be able to change my life or the way i live it..

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