Itz Hard

by LiL C
(Fort Washkie, Wyoming)

Itz hard to be a gangsta, up in these streets.

Its hard to try to survive wile tryn to make some beats.

Itz hard always haven to watch your bk every were you go.

Itz hard to get out but you never let it show.

Tired of the stress and the pains.

Wishn it would go away out of all my veins.

Tired of the bullet shot in the side of our ride.

Wish there was a place were we could just hide.

To get away from it all.

To rize each tyme i fall.

To take away the fears.

To wipe up all the tears.

Its hard to get away this gang aint no joke.

So help me G-d please before i go in to a stroke.

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