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December 2011 Featured Poet

John Alwyine-Mosely

John Alwyine-Mosely
English writer John Alwyine-Mosely started composing poetry three years ago, when he undertook a creative writing diploma through Britain’s famed Open University. 

Alwyine-Mosely's work is rich in texture and covers an array of genres.  He is known for transposing his written works onto stunning visual treatments, a pairing that creates a powerful synergy. 

His writings are scattered across his multiple blogs - one for illustrated haiku's, another for postcard stories, and a third for poems in draft

John resides in Bristol, England, with his wife, who is a counsellor and artist with a background in dance going back to the Royal Ballet. His son currently reads history at Manchester University.

The plan is to illustrate and publish some of his selected works.

John Alwyine-Mosely's writings can be viewed at Random Short Stories and his daily musings can be found on Twitter
at @bookdreamer

At Christmas and Thanksgiving

Missy likes family gatherings
but for the cakes all cream and spice
not for the uncles who ain’t nice.

As for the aunts they are dumplings
old and frumpy with nerves jumpy
'cause she heard they made men geldings.

But if asked she will say all nice,
Missy likes family gatherings.

Missy leaves family gatherings
when any cousin did entice
for then gin had worn out the ice.

And she thought they had no inklings
as she ate cake without a break
but all knew of her true feelings.

So one and all made sure each slice
left Missy sick of gatherings
Where Laetitia Loved

I used to wonder where Laetitia loved -
circus dreams came where clowns wept
laughter and elephants danced
elegantly in black and white.
Laetitia never cared:
Ringmasters were voiceless,
spectators whipping
silent horses around sawdust rings
past her Audrey Hepburn poise,
unattained by lover,
untouched by love.

© John Alwyine-Mosely * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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