by Mikayla

Bonnie and clyde we use to say,
always and forever we use to say,
now sittin here alone on da streets
hurtin and workin our hustle alone
bars and visitation
brought us apart but never did we quit then,

bonnie and clyde fadiin into little blurry memories
on your brothers grave you said u neva was with that beezy

mouths run neva did i listen, witness came and said
my thug love was clearly a fake
baby 6 years you and me
always stayin and ridin thug ways

bonnie and clyde, we use to say

but bonnies gone her way

baby we were ment to be

heartache and pain got to me

i tried to stay believe me

Now bonnies rollin two cars a day
makin money her way
pushin the clydes face away

i love and cherished you through sickness and sadness
but death hit my heart early
cuzzzy baby u made my eyes teary

never was i a punk, neva did i snitch

took those charges to make u a free man

clyde you made me face these lonley streets
clyde you pushed our love away!

I was your ryde or die wifey
neva did i go astray
till the day you made me
a fool
now bars and gaurds
is what your seein
tupac and niki minaj is what im singin

i just want you to know
you were my true blue love!

god bless ya

will miss ya


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