Let's Get Along

by SupHomeboi

We may not be perfect
but we ain't the worst
It ain't like we can put time
in reverse
And take back all the conflicts
that happen
We just gotta be accountable
for our actions
And each time we do
we'll become more stronger
Our faith will keep us going
another day longer
Just bare with me
and I'll bare with you
Let's continue to love
despite our issues
We both are adults
let's work sh-t out
Till the point we don't remember
what we argued about
We'll apologize to each other,
kiss, and make up
And say morning glory
when we decide to wake up
And do it all,
all over again
We'll fight again
but I can't predict when
Let's make love not war
let's be at peace
Cause all of the drama
it got's to cease

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