Life is too short

by Vlad Pelvitski
(San Francisco, CA)

No point to regress unavoidable end. No time to reflect an unfortunate forfeit. Life is too short for regrets… a burning car engulfed in flames.

In darkness, contrast of fire hurts the eyes. No human soul is found nearby. At a distance, a glimpse of a man passing by — lighting a cigarette, as if nothing unusual occurred for a while.

A potential arsonist with means of execution. A burning car is no surprise for this fellow executioner. Perhaps this fella didn't see the raging flames. He must have smelt the burning tires stench. Ashy combustible leftovers, have surely caught up with his emotion-less face. Obvious correlation has to be made.

A new funny sweet smell is in the air. Must be having flashbacks from the dinner I just had. A few fainting screams I hear in my head. Turning around, the car seems empty, no one seems to be there.

Focus! The man is escaping. As I move closer, his pace is expanding. At this rate I’ll never catch the perpetrator. He who runs must be at least guilty by association. Moving in fast strides, tracking his acceleration.

Turning a corner, the man has escaped, the lighter is found on ground for display. There is water and high bridge. Rope with a noose, what a curious ruse. A dangling rope and a witness eloped. Was the man really guilty? I couldn't really tell for sure.

Life is too short, for some it is shorter. The man who escaped found his destiny closer. Guilty conscious is not for the faintest of hearts… Shhh, I hear someone arriving, the lady in green must have seen whatever was conspiring.

Hello there! Wait, why are you running? This man needs your help, why are you fighting? The scratchy wound on my hand is too deep, must find bandages for a quick relief. A snapping sound is not easy to forget. Oh why, this tingling sensation must end?

Life is too short, sometimes it feels a little longer, as it escapes from the hands of a bystander. Enjoy it while you still can, it won’t last much longer, just ask the lady on the bench, she might be next.

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