lisson lord

by jesse barros

I’m up early in the morning cuz I hate to sleep
try to pray to U Lord but my faith is weak
another day went by & I’m closer to my death
so when I’m getting high, I’m holding my breath
kuz when I exhale I feel a part of my life go
one reason that I’m hustling day & night
throw on my colors, and I tilt my cap
if I die now, its unforgiving & I’ll deal with that
Life has been good but I committed so many sins
I stayed in the hood & buried so many friends
And for my homies locked up, I shoot em a kite
And it reminds me that I shouldn’t ruin my life
But all day I’ve been out here getting this cheddar
though I know my life aint gonna get any better
Another day past midnight & I’m back in my bed
Then I say this prayer in the back of my head

LORD LISTEN, I don't know what U have in store for me
I just pray U open Heaven's doors for me
on the day I die, will U be close to me?
I’m messed so it's hard to focus you see
I know this ain't the way I’m suppose to be
but I feel like U don't even notice me
are U near to me when I wear a rosemary?
When I call out Yo name, do u know it's me?
I’m hoping' Your Spirit flows in me
before my foes put sum bullet holes in me
when life's gone, what happens to the soul in me?
when I die, Lord put the Holy Ghost in me
plus look over those that mean the most to me
now show me the light that I’m suppose to see
Lord listen, I don't know what U have in store for me
I jus pray U open Heaven's doors foe me

now I lay down to sleep
I pray to the Lord I survive these streets
And if I die before I get this cake
I pray to the Lord my soul to take

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Oct 26, 2011
the best
by: Lizbeth Rivas

wow soooo far this is the best poem ive seen you should keep writing =]

May 11, 2011
Love this
by: yessenia

I really loved this. I wished your writing would have never ended cause it was the best out of all of them I've read keep it up and you'll be a poet writer!!!!

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