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McCamey Middle School Fifth Grade

Ms. Hall's Fifth Grade Language Arts Class
McCamey Middle School
McCamey, Texas
Recognized by the editorial team at My Word Wizard for their "Praiseworthy Contribution to the Advancement of Poetry," we are proud to bring you a selection of original poems written by the students of Ms. Hall's fifth grade language arts class at McCamey Middle School.

We are sure you will enjoy the talents of these gifted young poets and we look forward to much more of their work.

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Jake was my dog,
though he ate like a hog,
He stood beside me
when times were hard.
Watching him go
pushed the line too far.
Thinking about it,
he is in a better place now.
I love him with all my heart,
now that he's gone,
all I have are memories.

                        Gunner Adams


He may be annoying
Like a little pesky fly.
Sometimes when he's around me,
I wish he would go "bye, bye".
He may be real curious,
Like a grizzly bear.
But I have to give him credit,
He will take a dare.
He may be a pain,
Yes, he's my little cousin.
We may say "I hate you!"
But, I love him a dozen!

                        Ava Anderson

Colors on the wall,
almost like a clown.
Kids screaming.
Running and jumping as if
they were wild animals.
Toys being broken
like a tornado hit.
Soon as 12:00 hit,
they dropped like
a tree falling down.

                        Kiana Brown


She was nice,
and you didn't have
to call her twice.

She acted like a princess,
and was treated like one too!

She had eyes like
dark, dark brown brownies.
She was a dog,
but acted like a hog!

She was slow,
that's why she had to go.

She was a dog,
but felt like family!
She is in my heart,
so we will never be apart!

                        Abigail Cox


I jumped in bed
I am a sleepy head`

The alarm went off
I started to cough

It's time for school
That's not cool

So I went to school
Acted like a fool

The bell just RANG!!
Ding, Dong, Dang!!

Demre Abalos

Yeah! Yeah! My friends are coming!
"Gosh!"my brother goes.
"Shhhhh!" my mom goes.
YAHOO! My friends are here!
"Gosh!" goes my brother.
Ding, ding. We play.

Alexia Rodriguez

You are as bright as the sun.
As shiny as a shoe,
and nice like a teddy bear.

Annabell Hernandez

Chirp,chirp go the birds.
Rustle, rustle go the leaves under me.
Vroom, vroom go the cars passing by.
Now I know what time of the year it is;
It's fall.

Briana Ibanez


He likes to play fetch,
but he doesn't know how to catch.
He curls up into a ball.
When he is on his hind legs, he is tall.
He has dark chocolate eyes.
He is as weak as a piece of grass,
but he acts as tough as a bear!
My boy Pepper is as fun as a merry-go-round,
but as slow as a snail.
Oh how I love him!

Bryanna Pope

Valentine's Day
It's Valentine's day again,
I know who I like,
I'm scared.
Maybe I'll give her a bear,
That's so last year.
Maybe some flowers,
I don't have the courage to give it to her.
Let's just get her a card,
even if she thinks I'm a big fat lard.

Cade Perryman


It likes money,
but it eats bunnies.
It has big, blue eyes,
but it's filled with lies.
It likes to eat,
just about every treat!
It loves to dig,
and eats like a pig.
I named him Fluffle,
And he is a master at the "Cupid Shuffle."
He is big and green,
and an eating machine!

I love my Fluffle!

Cali McWilliams

Balloons here,
Balloons there,
Sometimes I wonder
where they go.
Do they go to the clouds?
Do they burst in thin air?
So where do balloons go?
Do they talk to the sun?
But still where do they go???

Cotie Brown

My best cousin Kedric,
most people mistakenly
call him Cedric.
He runs like the wind.
He is dark like the night,
and he always puts up a good fight.
He is my best cousin and
I will never forget him.

David Ramirez


Woof! Woof! There goes my dog.
Boing! Boing! My dog is running.
Hiss! Hiss! He's chasing a cat.
Run kitty run!

Evan Rodriguez

Bounce, bounce. There goes the ball.
Jingle, jingle, go the bells.
Boom! Boom! goes the dynamite.
Boing, boing. There goes that bunny.
Ribbit,ribbit, the frog goes.
Meow, meow! Man, be quiet cat!
Moo, moo,, the cow goes.
Roar! Roar! There goes the dinosaur!

Felicity Baiza


My Pet Penguin is funny,
Just like a bunny.
It's fat,
Just like a cat.
It likes to slide,
And also glide.
It also likes to cuddle,
And also likes playing in puddles.

Genesis De'Leon

I love my dog very much.
He can jump as high as a rabbit,
run as fast as a cheetah,
and bark as loud as a bull horn.
That is why we love him,
and he loves us too.

Isaiah Martinez


My dog is small like a rat,
and fat like an elephant.
Darker than the midnight sky,
hairy like a rug,
fuzzier than feathers,
short like a cat,
and fast like a cheetah.

Jake Maynard


Chirp! Chirp! the birds go.
Shake, shake, goes the tree.
Scratch,scratch, the baby birds go.
Snore! Snore! Goes to bed!

Jessi Ann Cavasos

Eyes like a brown crayon.
Fur as white as snow.
Brown spots like chocolate dots.
Vicious as a bobcat,
But sleeps like an angel.
and misses me when I'm in school.

Jesus Urias

The binder is like magic,
As blue as the sea.
It is a warm jacket to my books.
It goes to class with me.
It holds all my things like a jail cell.
I know my pencils will be safe
in my Case It.

Jonah Adams


Stomp! stomp! We're going to the next class.
Swish! Swish! Someone sticks out their leg.
Boom! Someone trips and falls face first!
Ding! Ding! Goes the bell.
Stomp! Stomp! Running up the stairs.
Bam! Fell over a chair!
Slam! Slam! Goes the lockers.
Ding! Ding! Tardy bell rings.
My Dog
by Juan Carbajal
My dog acts like a deer.
My dog's eyes are red like the devil.
My dog is as fluffy as human hair.
I will always love my crazy dog.

Jonathan Galaviz


He is my friend.
He was there for me when I got hurt.
He was there when I was sick.
So every time I needed him,
he was there for me.
And now I will be there for him
when he needs me.
He is my dog,
and his name is Hunter
and I love him.

Keyson Kennedy


My cat, my cat
you are as fat as a dog,
but I still love you the most.
You are as loud as a train horn,
and as funny as a clown,
but still lovable, like my mom.

Luke Arana


Vroom! Vroom! goes the truck.
Slam! Slam! go the truck doors.
Crunch! Crunch! go the leaves.
Zip, Zip goes the zipper on the tent.
Rush, rush go my feet.
Splash, splash goes the river water.

Mackenzie Wright


My dog is as fast as a cheetah.
She'll play fetch if you throw a ball.
She will run as fast as the wind,
and snatch it up,
and drift like a NASCAR turning.

Marcos Alvarado

The polar bear is as white as snow.
His eyes are brown like chocolate.
He lives where it is as cold as a freezer.

Paige Galan


My mom is as sweet as bubble gum.
My dad is like superman that
saves me when I am in trouble.
My brother is nice and cool.
Sure, we fight, but we're cool.
I have the coolest family in the world!

Sebi Jiminez


Bark! Bark!
There goes my dog.
Jingle, jingle go the bells on my dog's collar.
Bang! Bang!
My dog dropped the bowl.

Skyla Lopez


He's as fuzzy as a monkey.
He is as blue as the sky.
He bites me as hard as a dog.

Stacie Laabs 


Words are for nothing,
love is for something.
He is lovable,
he is seeable.
He is everything to me,
he is everything I want to see.
He is my dad,
and he's not bad.

Star Mckee 


Mom you are the star of my eye.
Mom every child would be lucky
to have you as a mother.

I think about you every day,
hoping you will not get sick.
Your eyes are like flashing lights.
Your hair is like the midnight sky.
Your eyes are dark brown like a crayon.
Your skin is a true Mexican color.
That is why you know a lot of Spanish.
You might get mad at me sometimes,
and I might get mad at you.
Deep down, I will always love you!

Stefany Urias


He is as mean as a bull.
As strong as an ox.
He likes to go to Bass Pro
He is as tall as a giant.

Triston Beaty


It was like morning at night
in the woods.
It is scary
in the woods!
There are all kinds
of things in there.
Bats that give me the shivers
Snakes come out of nowhere.
Bears jump out of every corner;
That's why you need a flashlight.
If your batteries go out,
I guess you're out of luck.
There is no fun without light.
So stay out of the woods at night.

Zeke Davis

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