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April 2012 Featured Poets

McCamey Middle School Sixth Grade

Ms. Hall's Sixth Grade Language Arts Class
McCamey Middle School
McCamey, Texas
A wonderful thing happened at My Word Wizard (MWW) in September of 2011. We began to receive an amazing collection of poems from a small town in Texas called McCamey. We soon learned that the poems emanated from McCamey Middle School, and were written by a group of highly talented young poets in Ms. Hall's 6th Grade Language Arts class.

These budding writers were the pioneers of a collaborative effort between McCamey and MWW that continues to this day.  They were also the first poets at McCamey to be awarded the prestigious My Word Wizard Award for Excellence in Writing. The honor was subsequently bestowed on the poets of Ms. Hall's 5th grade Language Arts class.  An equally talented group.

Our editorial team has culled through the voluminous library of McCamey 6th grade poems and we are proud to bring you a superb selection of their works. 

We encourage all young writers to take inspiration from your peers in McCamey, Texas.

Learn more about McCamey, Texas at the City of McCamey Website, and about McCamey Middle School at the McCamey Middle School Website


McCamey is awesome!
Here you'll find people
with great expectations,
like our teachers at
McCamey Middle School.
They are really cool.
Language Arts is really fun.
In Social studies we can learn
about Davy Crockett.
Reading is spectacular.
We fill up information
into our pocket.
Science is awesome,
and we can learn about all
the elements on the periodic table.
Last but not least, math is a fun class,
and we learn how to label
from least to greatest.
That's how awesome our teachers are
here in McCamey.

                        Robert Silva


Hair, dark like the midnight skies,
Old, like a rock under the ground,
But fast, as a rabbit.
He's my Chonco.
He is like food and water to me.
That's how much I love him.

                        R.J. Falcon


They run as fast as a car.
They live free and run to live.
They are beautiful.
The Mustang's coat is brighter than gold.
Its black hair is darker than a cave.

                        Rudy Torres


You are my sister.
You're my hero,
You're my protector
You're my giggling buddy
You're my cohort
You're my helper
You're my best friend  

                        Kambree Perryman


My dad is like a hero.
He keeps monsters away.
My dad is as strong as superman.
I love my dad!
My dad is the greatest dad in the world!

                        Alicia Dominguez


crazy, smart, trustful, and pretty
Sister of: Summer, Paige, Brenner, and Elizabeth
Lover of: games, T.V., and best friends
Who feels: happy, sad, and angry
Who needs: a bed, water, and T.V.
Who gives: love, happiness, and weirdness
Who fears: cockroaches, snakes, and spiders
Who would like to see: Paris, Las Vegas, and Ireland
Resident of McCamey, Texas

                        Andrea Ybarra

All kinds of people play in the park,
eating peanuts and pork rinds,
as they go down the Pinesaurus slide,
and climb pine trees peacefully,
as people try to scare them away.

                        Angel McKee


There once lived a boy who found a chest,
And what was inside was anyone’s guess.
When he opened it, guess what came out?
An unknown creature who began to shout.

He said, "Get outta here!"
Then the boy jumped up in fear.
The creature was in a whole chest of fruit loops,
And they ain't going anywhere,
trust me you "old coops."

When the boy left screaming,
The creature fell asleep and began dreaming.

                        Brigette Terrian


Roses are red, violets are blue.
My mom said,"Well good for you!"
I want a cake,
but my mom won't bake.
She says, "You're too fat."
I say, "I want a cat."
she said,"If you want a pet, I'll get you a bat."
"Fine," I said.
Then she went to bed.
Then I got sad,
and she got mad.
"Fine, I'll get you a cat."
Then I went to chat.
I'm so happy.
My mom said I'm too yappy.
Yes, I'm getting a cat.
Thank God it's not a bat!

                        Devin Wolfe


The kid was as big as a giant!
The other kid was as small as an ant!
But they were both best friends forever.
One day they decided to go on a trip
they travelled to a place
that was miles away.
At the end of the road was a wizard
Who made them the same size
And they were forever happy.

                        Elian Garcia


The bear bought
a big brown bag
from the bear store,
and ran back home
to the big brown cave,
and showed every brown bear in the bear world
just what was in
that big brown bag

                        Fernando Cavada


Beautiful, Lovable, Unique, and Weird
Sister of Angel, Jaden, David, Jacob, and Elijah
Lover of Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber, and Music
Who feels Hated by some, Loved by others, and Distant from the rest
Who needs patience, To work on my back handsprings, and Live life to the fullest
Who would like to see the UK, Rome, Italy, and Austin Mahone

                        Gabriella Ramirez


MY mom had breast cancer.
She is tough.
She fought like a girl.
Which is really tough.
My mom is my inspiration,
because nothing can break her.
I love her a lot,
so much that nothing
can compare with her.

                        Gerrie Levario


My name is Jaden,
I fly like a raven
I have great friends,
that I know will be here till the end
I LOVE my mom,
who tells me I'm lazy all day long
Gabby is my best friend's name,
we're almost exactly the same
I LOVE my dad
who is really never mad
that's what makes me glad
I love my sister Cassie
who is always sassy
Sofia is my little sister's name
she always plays baby games

                        Jaden Deleon

funny,short, small, and fast
Brother of: Ray, Cristal, and Esmy
Lover of: xbox 360, horses, and baseball
Who feels that you should not use the r-word,
you shouldn't use drugs, and you shouldn't drink and drive
Who needs: to pass math, rest, and win my game today
Who gives: a hobo money, my friends clothes, my time by throwing out the trash
Who fears: apes, monkeys, and chinchillas
Who would like to see: the Eiffel Tower, a bull chasing after me, and Michael Jackson
Resident of McCamey,Texas

                        Jose Barrera


I see a box, and it has locks.
I wonder what's in it.
I look for the key and what do I see?
A key taped underneath it!
I grab the key, and open the box.
When I see it,
I jump out of my socks!
It is the scariest creature I've ever seen!
Oh, and it really looks mean!
Run for your life!!!

                        Julian Rodriguez


My dad is a dancing machine.
My mom is a money bags.
My sister is a parrot.
My dog is a bear.
My car is as fast as lightning.
My Tia is as cool as ice.

                        Justyce Falcon

Eyes like a green crayon,
almost as bright as a ripe orange.
She's as crazy as a rooster,
But I still love her.

                        Karen Keene

Mountain high Rockies,
flying, looking, killing.
Eagle power
fear making noise
Deep beautiful valley.

                        Kimberly Cavazos


Her hair is like dark, dark chocolate.
She has teeth like a demon.
Her ears pop up like horns.
She bites everyone she finds, everyday,
unless she gets food.
Sometimes she bites me for fun!
She is mad and bad as the devil.

                        Luke Foncannon


My 3 Sisters are stuck by my side!
It's the greatest thing God gave me this year!
Without them I would be a loner!
But I have them with me all the time!
They are a four leaf clover
you could never find them!
Their names are Rya Deleon, Viviana Diaz & Kimberly Cavozos!
I Love them!
Everyone should be GLAD they have
brothers or sisters or even both,
by their side!!

                        Marie'l Hernandez

My brother fell and hit his head.
Boom! Boom!

And he landed in a puddle of water.
Splash! Splash!

And he got up and ran home as fast as he could.
Zoom! Zoom!

And when he got there he was mad
and went to his room.
Stomp! Stomp!

And he went back outside and it started raining
he got even madder.
Drip! Drip!

he had bad luck that day,
but finally it was over and he got hungry.
Munch! Munch!

Then, he went to bed.
Zzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzz!

                        Mark Lopez


Yellow is yellow
It can make you mellow

It could be a pillow
Sold in Amarillo

Or a blouse on a girl
Whose first name is Pearl

                        Miguel Lujan


funny, artistic, weird, and awkward
Sister of: Yaretzy, Sebastian, and Madyson
Lover of: animals, fashion, and Jordans
Who feels: unbreakable, fortunate, and hysterical
Who needs: hugs, love, and friends
Who gives: clothes, love, and candy to friends
Who fears: getting hurt, losing, and lions
Who would like to see: Italy, France, and California
Resident of: McCamey, Texas

                        Rachelle Loya

I had a grandma that I loved.
I loved her a whole lot.
I can't stand being away from her.
Her name was Alicia,
and we always spent time together.
I miss her so much!
She passed, and I couldn't believe my eyes.
I cried my eyes out!
I pray for her every night.
She wasn't just my grandma, she was more.
She was like a sister, mother, and best friend.
When I think of her, I cry inside and out.
She was a good person.
She was nice, caring, and thoughtful.
She was always sick, and always in the hospital.
Now she's up there with the angels and the Lord.
I love you Grandma, and I always will.
I miss you!

                        Rya Deleon

I have a LIFE that is so strange and wonderful.
I have two BEST friends that stick with me wherever I go.
I know I can I trust them with anything.
I might have fights with them, but still I LOVE THEM!!!
I have two true sisters named ''Rya'' & ''Mariel''.
I have had troubles here and there,
and they have helped me work through them
Especially with them by my side

                        Viviana Diaz

5th Grade Poets
Teacher Terri Hall
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