My life as a gangster

by Leon Gwynne

You can't see the things I see through MY eyes,
Every day another homies dies,
Or they've been arrested for all their crimes,
It hurts but I refuse to cry.

All my life, I've been Living without rules,
Out every night poppin these fools.

Taking drugs is my living,
and I just keep on killing.
In the hood I'm the one winning.

Got a ten in my hand and a split in the other,
A life that was encouraged by my older brother,
All I have is him,never knew my mother.
I don't really care,she'll be the one that suffers.

Got my guns and all my knives,
On the streets I'm the type that survives.
Got no time for girlfriends and wives,
revenge is the only thing I thrive.

By Leon Gwynne,age 12. I don't live in the hood,in fact I live in Britain so this isn't based off experience. I'm just a twelve year old who likes writing raps and poems.

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