my life

by mr S
(maldives )

i still don't know why i chose this road
but i could do with the respect i get now
never knew this would so hard but not a moment i enjoy what i have

never a moment i can feel safe
never a moment i can be at peace
can never walk the streets with a loved one
can never walk out of this shit any more

they all want me battered up
but who are they kidding?
stab me in my back n kill me while u can
for i will tear u apart if i live

i do want all this fighting to stop
but the hatred and will of vengeance
never lets me
trapped in a cage that i have built
boundaries that i can never cross
for i have made peace with this fact
that i have no freedom any more

i know i have blood of innocents on my hands
and the guilt will never leave my side
the guilt of what i am doing to my parents
how i wish i could take back what i did to them

i am never leaving this life for anything
for now i know i have their back
but never a moment i would not regret

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