My Life

by Codiene 2REAL

My life has been full of struggle and strife, My reflection shows the scars from my fights , Sometimes I can't sleep from a chest full of heat, from the burn of my sins that I committed against men, I used to break into houses to feed my addiction from my mental afflictions, Then I lost my bro rip roro, he took too many too young to overdose, And sometimes I speak to his ghost, But in that I find hope, In not what I can see But that of what I know, That one day we will ride On streets paved with gold, And for now I have peace, I left the streets Considered a OG, What they call my victories I look at as defeat, I could Of Been so much more, Live in poverty so I'm considered poor, But I'am Rich in my thoughts, All the wisdom from the wars that I fought. All these things I learned cannot be taught, You have to live it to learn it, You have to lose it to earn it, So I will wear my scars with pride, My tears and pain I will not hide, I will share it with the world, and This is my life...

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