My Thug

by Rain Weather
(Natchez, Missississippi)

You was in love with the streets.
I was in love with home.
Waiting on you hand and foot.
Mostly alone.
Held everything down and kept you on the throne.
Hmm, now we exchanging letters through the postman.
Never was that even in the plan.
I can't lie.
I was in love with my thug.
Too tough to cry.
Gary pulled the plug.
I said Gary wasn't real but you told me to chill.
Said i could only love you.
However, it was Gary you turned to.
Answer this; if Gary so real why he free?
You a father now with every possibility.
I never told you so you'll never know.
By the way I took over your cartel so it's no longer slow.
Yea, my thug serving life with a number instead of a name.
Can't be mad though it's a part of the game.
I almost died inside looking at you through that glass.
I thought back to kissing you in class.
We was mad in love all those years ago.
JR is fourteen months just so you know.
I was in love with my thug but i wasn't alone.
It was Tammy, Ashley, and Kim sending pictures to your phone.
I didn't trip just picked up my lower lip.
Because I was your tiny and you were my tip.
Oh yea, I use to love my thug some good.
I was naive then and misunderstood.
My baby got a new daddy now and mama got a new man.
Does daddy understand?
When you get this don't even bother.
According to your baby Garry is his father.

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