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December 2011 Featured Poet

Nicky Marinkovic

Nicky Marinkovic
Nicky Marinkovic is a 35 year old writer from Leeds, England, and the mother of two teenage daughters. She has worked for the National Health Service (NHS) for the past ten years as an administrator for various services including learning disabilities, neurology services and the community stroke team.

Her interest in poetry stems from childhood, when her grandad would entertain the family with humorous ditties.

In November 2010, Nicky was diagnosed with depression and struggled to function in her day-to-day life. Writing poetry became a therapeutic outlet, allowing her to express thoughts and feelings on many different subjects. Her writings represented a journey at a significant point in her life. They provided a symbolic letting go of the past and a moving forward.

Marinkovic continues to write poems on such topical issues as bullying, depression and childhood poverty. She records these thoughts on her own blog. What began for her as a deeply personal project gradually expanded into a vehicle she wanted to share with others. Slowly but surely over the past 12 months she has been able to do so via the internet.

“I would like to thank My Word Wizard for the confidence they have given me and the support they have provided. What began as a difficult journey is now one of fulfilment and happiness. If my words contain ideas others can relate to or are inspired by, then I am honoured”.

We not only admire Nicky’s words, but we are deeply moved by the support and solace she provides others as they struggle through many of the challenges she has faced. Her courage is her source of strength.

Nicky Marinkovic can be found on her blog Nicky Lucilla and on Twitter @Absolute34

I dream of...

I dream of a time when there will be no poverty
No destruction and war for the innocent to see
When racism and hatred will no longer exist
Of a world that unites and no country resists

I dream of an end to all starvation and crime
Where nobody feels hunger in their lifetime
We are safe in our homes and on our streets
Where no child knows abuse, hurt or deceit

I dream of a time that will end domestic abuse
The statistics will fall and headline the news
To not live in fear and to care for one another
Know that we’re equal, the same as each other

I hope that one day my dreams will come true
Be a part of the changes that affect me and you
To live in a world where we all show respect
How precious life is, due to cause and effect.

Music has been in our lives for forever
Magical sounds provide us with pleasure
Our choices in music can vary quite often
What one person likes another finds rotten

Music is written in so many different forms
Given all the choices, sometimes we feel torn
Do we like Rock or Pop, House or Electronic
Could it be R&B, Jazz or maybe Technotronics

Music is something we can enjoy when we say
Whilst we party all night, till the break of day
Dance till we know we can't dance anymore
Till our legs are aching and our feet feel sore

Or maybe stay at home, sit back and relax
To our choice of music, our favourite tracks
Music reminds us of great times and places
Time spent with friends, just getting wasted

The music we enjoy with a special someone
Lyrics to 'our song' may inspire true devotion
Unique to us alone, we don't have to share
As the meaning for our music is always there

It could be the lyrics or the beat that you feel
Sounds from the instruments make it so real
The depth of the keyboard or piano, you choose
Combine them together; it’s ourselves we lose

In the moment, our mind, to our special place
We allow it to absorb us, lost without a trace
Music is non-judgmental, regardless of taste
It's the magic of music we just cannot waste

© Nicky Marinkovic * 2011 * All Rights Reserved


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