by La Nena Traviesa

I put my pen on safety
Bc The way that this Ink sinks
It hits so heavily
It's so deadly
doesn't kill gently
Hits like Bullets
Can't swallow don't chew it
Pull the trigger shoot it
the papers bleed in gore
And words continue pour
in a series of lyrical forum
Even when the hand is sore
And begs for no more
The pen continues to explore
Thoughts ideas feelings
The definitions
whts the meaning
not even pleadings
cn stop paper from suckIng
In ink like leeches
Hungry for more teachings
A mixture of praxologies
Of natures humanities
aginology, studies ignorance
alethology,studies truths
Aretology is the study of virtues
And the pain of the pen is mine
So i Redesign, realine, then reDefine
How the words intertwine
Inside my mind
I make em bind
Like glue but to u
My nonsense Makes no sense
No offense, but in my defense
If u had 1/10th common sense
Ud understand my deliverance
ThAt this paper and this pen
love to Get intimate
Like a husband nd his mistress
Thts the way to distress
To impressed to perxpled
To notice its the end
Pens down I finished

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