The Cold Steel of Winter

by Tony Liberatore
(Niles, Ohio)

Winter breeze,
Even colder having steel on your hip,
Getting money isn’t easy,
Friends working like a crip,
working with my own crew,
Hoping I don’t slip,
Cuz I don’t wanna die yet,
I’m just trying to get through life with ease.

I cant die,

We cant die,
we are invincible,
We got each other,
So that makes us untraceable,
We got each other,
That makes us unpredictable,
We got the good stuff,
That makes us unstable,
We got each other,

In the cold winter breeze,
you feel the sting of cold steel on your hip,
you see your breath from the cold,
and you trying to figure out what is smoke
and what is just your breath,
we think of that one girl that got away
but we always look forward toward what little future we have,
we have each other,
but if one of us falls,
we all fall,
and we thank god for the sting
of the cold steel on our hips
in this cold winter breeze.

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