Thug whippin'-by "dark terror star"

by ataboy-dark terror records
(south africa,johannesburg)



A nigg- gettin up errday
Thinkin bwt hw I'm gna get da pay
Gota hit da 9 9...up on da glock glock for dat currency
Coz wer I'm frm u neva walk da street witout ur nikes.
Chest..neck tatted whole sleeve on my arm done...
Lookin like a born n raised thug
Muthaf-cker goin native..
Smokin on da finest pine..
Sun is hot wit cold wine...
Da shine frm my diam...on my ride...aint no tym for sumblimes...
Doin it like second nature cos we blaze it all da tym..
Ima be a eagle on 1
Me n yo chick will probly hav fun...

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