Were Did You Go Mom?

by LiL C
(Fort Washkie, Wyoming)

Were did you go mom when
I needed you the most.

Why did you leave mom and
leave your kid with the host.

What did I do mom to
make you get up and leave.

Why am i still crying mom
and wiping tears on my sleeve.

Were did you go mom
I need you here with me.

I cant stop crying mom
why cant you see.

Come back mom
to the place we call home.

I wanna see you next to me
and not all alone.

I waz just a lil kid mom
only in the 3rd grade.

Why did you go mom
az soon az you got paid.

Come back mom so
these tearz can go away.

Come back mom and
live anther day.

Help your son mom with
the stress and the pain.

Help me out mom and
just help me gain.

Were did you go mom
I been lookn for yearz.

Why did you go mom and
leave me with these tearz.

Come and tell me mom what
happened in the past.

Come and get me mom
fly really fast.

Mom I'm missing you but
I won't let it show.

Mom jut tell me where did you go?


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May 04, 2014
-*Mom is gone forever
by: Anonymous

Mom went some place after death, but I am not sure where. I like to think that when my mom died she went to heaven but I am not sure there is one?. I have loneliness, and sadness, emptiness and not a family like it use to be. I look up to the sky and say "where are you mom, I want to know because I miss you" But I never get an answer and I suppose I never will.
Well, that is life, all of us will eventually die some day and there is nothing we can do about it. Still, to lose ones mother is a devastating blow, and a void that can never be filled such as a mothers love here on earth

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