What Happend?

by LiL C
(Fort Washkie, Wyoming)

What happend to the good tymez
that we all used to share.

Why are we fighting and
look with a stare.

What happend to us and
all the laughz that we had.

Why you walking around and
getting so mad.

At the people you called fam,
bro or maybe sis.

Why look at them push away and dis.

It shouldv never been this way,
all this fighting and sh-t.

What happend to telling the haterz
shut the f-cc up and get.

Why we all hating on each other
and fighting all day long.

What happend to keep your head
and stop doing all the wrong.

Just take a break, stop and
think whats going to happen to me.

Why can't you stop and say
that just why cant you see.

What happend to us we used
to care for one anotha.

I still look at you all
as my sis or even brotha.

No matter what im gonna
care for you all.

No matter what
tell the day that i fall.

You're my family for life
no reazion to be ashame.

So stop all this fighting
its just a lil game.

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Dec 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

hahaha thanCz

Oct 26, 2011
You're good
by: WIHS

You're good at writing poems.You just put so much feeling in to them. keep it up.

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