What I see its just me

My eyes I have seen dead guys on the street people looking for what to eat, and a lot of people claim defeat to live in this world. A boy and a girl already snorting in front of a Tim Horton Me I'm that's who i am doing all the girls I be screwing Guns I here but i don't care. Seen people dieing another lady baby dead probably got shot in the head just to make some bread. That's almost a day in the life of the ghetto where prostitution going on the strong turn weak is there something wrong? I long to see a better day that's the song that plays on and on in my head. But what i see made me a G a dude ain't afraid to deal and steal and i am not afraid to kill i keep it ill that what made me can't u see its just me.


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Dec 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

wow you got really good stuff going on there write a book or something i would buy it if you made a book,

Dec 08, 2010
by: lala girl

wow that was an awsome poem at first i din't get it but i kept on reading and ohh i get it. you should check out my poem its right above yous its called your last memory of a ganster comment. =)

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