What It Is?

by SupHomeboi
(Brooklyn, NY, USA)

I wonder where have you been all my life
Better late than never
the moment seems so right
Everything's in place
it's too good to be true
Here we go again
it's all deja vu
Recalling the days
when sh-t was all good
So I thought,
many played the young kid from the hood
Don't lie to me baby
tell me how you feel
Don't waste my time please
just keep it real
Are your feelings genuine
or is it all a stunt?
Don't stab me in my back
please don't put up a front
I can't take another loss
and I don't wanna lose you
Not on bad terms
I wanna try something new
Well enough about me
what is it that you want?
Do you wanna be with me?
Tell a n-gga from jump
Spare me the heartache
it's getting old and tired
I want real love
I can't find that in a liar
And if you are the real deal
I'll try to give you heaven
I swear I'll be yours babe 24/7
But I'm just making sure
better safe than sorry
I don't want another love affair
with the Bacardi
Reminiscing on the nights
tears fell in my glass
Alone with my thoughts
feeling like an ass
I hope to catch amnesia
being with you
Cause one more added memory
is enough to say I'm through
I love you, I love
you had to say it again
Shed light on my world shawty
it's oh so dim
Make me jump for joy
and sing the Lord's praises
I wanna be able to look
at you with amazement
I've come a long way
and been through many changes
Don't wanna change no more
I don't wanna live in anguish
Are we on the same page
and speaking the same language
Cause if we ain't
then make it quick and painless

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