Who Dhat BE.? oH daTz Me.!

by nekaa bhadd

a coward dies a million times buh a soulja dies only once . .
truth is ima soulja. . .
oh yess.!
a freakin soulja.!
nd i'll fa eva live
ain nobody gunna huld me bak. .
ain nobody gunna stop ma train on its tracks . .
pshh.! haterz fallback
wanna be bhadd bitchez shakeback.!
la'gurls kick rockz.!
caz it gets reel where im frum.!
tew much stress dat im carring on ma back. .
beaucoupe love that i giv buh hardley recieve it back. .
sad case, buh its a fact. .
cant bring me dwn or make me frown. .
run yur mouff buh yu neva put me dwn.!
i'll be smiling atchu da hole tyme. .
so yu gunna remeba me and wea im frum. .pshh.!
dey call me LA'THUGGIIEE.!
da realest badd bitch yhu wuld eva meet.!
oh yess.!
da baddest,reelest,kraziest bhad bitch yu'll neva bhe.!
dats ME.!
kENNEkA LeetREll JontA markz Ha Spot.! <3
and ima leave it at dhat.!
i shot ya. . .DA END. . game ova.!

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