Who I Am

by Lizbeth Rivas
(Junction City, Oregon, United States)

Disrespect anyone I hold tight, you’ll finally know me.
Scream at me, ill scream back.
Stab me in the back, ill stab you on the chest
Say you hate me, and I won’t give a f-ck.
Yell at me, ill warn you.
Tell me you don’t care, ill walk away.
Tell me you love me when it ain't real, ill smile.
Talk shit; ill make sure you swallow it.
Call me fake, at least I act real.
Call me bitch, I’ll thank you.
Call me beaner, brown and proud.
Call me ugly, it’s fine at least I know I’m better then you well ever be.
Call me fat, naaa… just chunky.
Call me short, not ganna lie.
Call me skaynk, its true.
Call me whore, just look at my hoops
The bigger the whole the bigger the hoe.

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