by Lorena B
(Clewiston, Florida)

Ive been hurt so many times
Every mistake uv done i forgave u
Diz time der aint no forgivness
im tired of ur lies
I need a real man in my life
Why hurt some1 u say u luv
Cuz i dnt get it
u suppose 2 keep it real wit me
n tell me da truth
why do u do diz 2 me
If u noe my luv is true
N der aint nbdy out der dat
fina put up wit all ur shyt
u put me thru
Yea i stayed by ur side
no matter how many times u broke my heart
I believed in u
i gave u everythng 4rm da start
But i see dat my luv wasnt enuf
So now i say im done with you
im movin on
Need sum1 datz gna luv me
n treat me rite
keeping it real all da time

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