You Ain't No Thug

by Kasmir Chanel

Real n-ggas don’t even know what it feels like to be hurt
Push ya into the ground and brush your face in the dirt,
Got you drowning just to be love,
That’s why he thinks, he real because he shove
But we all know he ain't a thug,
That life don’t even give you a push to get above,
Always rough with you to sink inside
The picture don’t even look good to the people who looking from the outside,
Rain don’t ever feel right when you crying,
Sometimes I feel like I’m dying,
I grew up here and there,
Life don’t even feel good, if you got n-ggas using you against your fear,
I knew from the start you was dead,
I wasn’t ready, but you still yanked me up by my head,
I knew my daddy was angel,
But I wasn’t ready to face the rainbow,
I give n-ggas a chance knowing they the reasons why my daddy bullet branded,
Now my daddy ain't nothing but the sand man, deeper than the pavement,

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