Young Heart Old Soul

by La Nena Traviesa
(Chicago, Illinois)

Lost my innocence as a child
Grew up way to fast as a young adult
Used to blow trees and drink
Used to kick it with the homies on the steets
To get rid of bad memories
To avoid
The empty void left in me
Bowed down to a man
Who only disrespected, neglected and degraded me,
only to feel the love he said he had for me.
I gave him my most sacred
My virginity
Thinking he wld get rid of the open wounds that never healed
but just ended up Beatn and bruised
Kicked nd Knocked down
With a blood smeared on the ground
I took a close luk at my reflection
and reflected
This isnt wat I want
Where did I go wrong
I cldn't take it any more
I need to get out
Learnd bout Hope Faith Love
The three things the bible says I need to keep me sane
The secteret to starting over again...
Hard to change but im doing my best
Walkng on a thin thing line
Trying not to fall again
No longer holding the burden
of a young heart with an old soul
Keeping Hope strong
keeping unconditional Faith
In lord tht showed me what real love is..

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Sep 10, 2015
Young mind
by: Moolar

This poem revealed lot of innocent image , which is good for us readers , to get full detail . keep the momentum going

Oct 26, 2012
by: traviesa

Thank u for taking the time to read my work nd leaving comments i really appreciated it :)
And yes i do speak Spanish

Sep 13, 2012
still alive
by: destani

man you toched my heart cuz the same hapeend to me

Aug 22, 2012
Muy triste
by: Tany

So im assuming tht you speak spanish. O.o i do too:) this poen is amazing yet sad. Andi love how you found true love in god. i did too.

Apr 21, 2012
thug life
by: lilj

I was once a thug;
i had a mind of a grind nd a hustla
Selling dope in tha corner just to bring home money
Momma need a house babe needs sum shoes
life if to hard to be a youngster in tha street selling dope then getting caught for a stupid reason;
So thug life is a hard decision to make:
Think before doing

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