You're No Longer Here

by Cj Joffrion
(Alexandria, La)

As I stare out dis foggy window i see ur face,
my mind wonders about dat place, wondering if
it's safe. Looking up the road hopin u come my
way, but now, it dreds & fades away. But ur No
Longer Here. Sometimes I just wonder, wonder what
could've became of us, and is it too late? We had
a different state of mind, but i must say we kan
be 2 of da same kind sometimes.. ur no longer
mines {You're No Longer Here} Who do I blame? You
Or Da Judge? Because Its so obvious dat da Law
tried their best 2 break us up. As I stare out my
window in a world of my own all i kan think abt
is when r u coming home, I hate sleeping along,
not sayin what u did wasn't wrong, but f-k dat, u
were my backbone. I miss u, Ima always love you,
Ima always be here for you, baby ur not alone Im
behind bars too!!!

Never do I fear bc ur No Longer Here, each time I
cry I shed a tear, I shed one for you & one for
me, and say 2 myself dis couldn't be da life dat
was handed to me. I love you no matter what you
do, even tho You're No Longer Here, Im Locked Up
With You.

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